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Zinc Silicate Crystalline Glaze Pottery

A chronicle of my recent progress and a way for me to keep it straight in my head!




Herbert Sanders Molybdenum Glazes

Online Glazes Calculator

Metallic Glaze Recipes

Clay Analysis From the 1959 edition of  Clay and Glazes for the Potter by Daniel Rhodes

Making and Firing Crystalline Glazes, by David Snair

Colorant Sources Colorant Sources Revised
colorant_sources.xls colorant_sources_revised.xls

The New World of Crystalline Glazes
by Diane Creber, Ceramics Monthly Magazine, September 2010
Archival Technical Paper(s)

 Studies in glazes. Part II. Crystalline Glazes, Purdy, Ross C., 1875-; Krehbiel, Junius Frederick (Urbana: School of Ceramics. University of Illinois., 1907


The Control of Crystalline Glazes, by F.H. Norton, Laboratory of Ceramics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge Massachusetts


My experiences with crystal glazes,  *Dr. W. Pukall Sprechsaal  - Nr. 36 / 1908 – English                 Tranlation:  J.Baumöller

My experiences with crystal glazes / part two Dr. W. Pukall , Sprechsaal  - Nr. 37 / 1908  Translation   Ulrike Franck

My experiences with crystal glazes,  Dr.W. Pukall/ Sprechsaal Nr. 38 / 1908 Part 3

The Effects of Colorant Oxides and Firing Rate on the Nucleation and Growth of Zinc Silicate Crystals in Crystalline Glazes, Nicolas Coffey, Materials Engineering Department, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California, 2011




Vertical Tiles

Kiln Elements and Design

Heating Element Coil Winding




Temperature Conversion

Orton Cone Chart

Adjustable Soft Chuck

Inclusion Pigments

Crystalline Glaze Variables


Adjusting Glazes for Application By Pete Pinnell

Matt Beck's Glaze Chart

Firing Schedule Grapher

Fallonator Firing Schedule Grapher


Clay Comparison

Fallonator Glaze Calculator

Frit Info

     Fusion Frit Comparison

     Common Crystalline Glaze Frits

     Ferro Frits

     Dick White Thoughts

     Dick White Frits

Seeding with Zincite

Alumina Hydrate



Skutt Kiln Wiring Diagrams: 1027..........1027 3ph

Kiln Situation in Japan

The Sankey Glaze Database...........John Sankey Website

Golden Mean Gauge


Photoshop Batch Processing

Mondre -Manz Fritte M4067

Mol Analysis
ZnO 0.3
BaO 0.5
PbO 0.1
K2O 0.1
Al2O3 0.1
SiO2 1
MolWeight 203
LOI -  

Mondre & Manz Matte 4067

 Frit 4067                                 55

Custer Spar                 15

Zinc Oxide                  11.4

Lead Bisilicate                        7.9

Amorphous Silica        5

Rutile                          5.7

Bentonite                    2




Geiger Ctr of Unobtainium Samples                crystal/tech/unobtainium/MOV07141.MPG    


Geiger Ctr of Unobtainium Samples in box on Shelf        crystal/tech/unobtainium/MOV07160.MPG


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