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Zinc Silicate Crystalline Glaze Pottery

A chronicle of my recent progress and a way for me to keep it straight in my head!

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4-4-15     4-5-15
  Crystalline lace   Happy Easter
  Same everything except glaze loading.    
3-28-15                I've been sick as a dog this week and actually left work early on Friday. I don't think I've been like this in over 10 years. It's been tough to spend time in the studio. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.
It took all I had to take the catchers off, grind the bottom, pickle and soak of these pieces.   These crystals showed up in the bottom of the humidification pot on the woodstove. It had dried out but must have done it slowly to make these needle shaped crystals.
  The center one has 2% neodymium oxide added.  The center one has 2% Fe2O3 added. I should have put a little more glaze on this one, right in the middle. 
3-22-15   3-23-15  
3-21-15   3-22-15  
I'm going back to the schedule with a last 800C hold to see that I can reproduce things and trying one with an iron oxide addition.      
3-19-15 3-21-15    
This is my favorite of Russell's recent pieces Trying to decide where to put the "Amity Crystalline Pottery" sign. The pot in this "Doll 2" firing is just a little too tall so I added the extension. Ramsey knocked the extension lid for the e23s kiln over and broke it. I'll make another one like the one on the Doll 2.
Russell White wrote: "Howdy Phil, I've been busy at work and have fired twice with your hints. I'd like to see if I can get all white background one of these days. Glaze thickness & how much I melt the glaze ,must be the trick. I do like the results so far. Nothing earth shattering . Just trying to see if I can copy from the master, then tread my own path. Russell". Russell is way too kind. If anybody is a Master its Jose' Mariscal. The variety of things he come up with is amazing. In his blog he wrote “....started last reduction in the growth phase by adding a stressor”. I asked "what do you mean by “stressor”?" and he replied "reduction .... about 1100 Celsius. Craking atmosphere, ....much gas ..... and very low air " poor combustion" ....very strong."
Last holds of (L to R): 850 (2 ea.), 800 (3 ea.) & 900C (2 ea.). I think I'll go back to an 800C final hold, see that I can reproduce the results and then maybe look lower. I threw these in my dreams the other night.  
I threw this piece 2+ years ago at Jose' workshop in Dunedin. It was totally over nucleated at first but gave an interesting result after the second firing (with no additional glaze). I used the same cycle as below with the 800C hold. I have no idea what clay it used (Glenn probably does...... Loafer's Glory?).  
5 minutes in Armour Etch (left) and 5 hours in sodium bisulphate (right). Armour Etch contains barium sulfate, sulfuric acid, sodium bifluoride and ammonium bifluoride and leaves a matted finish. These both are the same clay and glaze but different firings. The left one was fired using the lowest temperature cycle from 3-9-15 (800C hold) and the right one using the hotter one.   These crystals showed up in the bottom of the humidification pot on the woodstove. It had ~1" of water in it and cooled to ~55F.
3-10-15   3-11-15 3-14-15
    The snow is finally melting and we're able to take back some parking spaces. Pi day at 9:26:53 this morning
3-9-15   3-10-15  
  Firing curve from 2-14-15    
3-8-15     3-9-15
3-1-15 3-4-15 3-8-15
"Flowers" formed in the 2 years' worth of minerals in the bottom of the humidification pot on the woodstove as it dried out recently.
2-27-15 2-28-15
Psycho work by Greg and Pam Beckman
2-15-15 2-21-15 2-27-15
  I can't wait to see the lid reduced.
Tile glaze loading Cones 11 (l) and 10 (r) after 2 (front) and 1 firings (rear).  This was refired after I forgot to enable the 16 segment program. I expected more, smaller crystals but not the wide blue band.   
2-14-15 2-15-15    
  F413 base with 4% copper carbonate, 2 1/4% red copper oxide, 3/4% cobalt carbonate and 2% manganese dioxide.   Left to right: .37, .46 and .56 g/ dry glaze loadings. 
  I need a bigger gun!   Cones 10 (l) and 11 (r) after 1 firing. 
1700C alumina fiber insulation cylinder before drying.       
2-9-15     2-11-15
    Marie Wright   
Bill's magic kiln   Everybody like magic.
1-6-15   2-7-15  
I soaked this piece for ~ 5 hours.

Evan wrote"Hey Phil, I thought I'd share this blog I've been putting together, which is very inspired by yours. Happy New Year! -Evan Cornish-Keefe" He's got some great stuff on his blog.

1-1-15 1-3-15    
  At .45 g / sq. in. loading not much glaze runs off these pieces.    
12-28-14     12-29-14
Avi Harriman      
  Bill Campbell Duly Mitchell Dr. Arnie Benton
Cones 9, 10 & 11 Jon Price Bill Campbell  
12-12-14  Bill Campbell      
First snow of the season Dr. Arnie Bill Powell
11-21-14 11-25-14  John Tilton    
A pair of 3100F furnace linings.      
11-13-14 11-15-14  Jose Mariscal 11-20-14
Ramsey lost her ladyhood and had to wear this cone for a week. She was not a happy camper.     The town building department made me put a barrier in front of these oil tanks.

10-30-13  Gene Gandee   11-6-14  Arnie Benton  
10-14-04   10-24-14 11-6-14  Bill Campbell's plane
This black bear played through but didn't bother to rake the bunker.    
It took me a year top put up these photos Avi compiled of the work Kris Friedrich and Tom Wallick made for the President's Cup.  
10-7-14   10-13-14  
9-29-14  Glenn Woods      
6-7-14  Bill Schran   6-9-14  Bill Schran 6-25-14  Bill Schran
It was a picture perfect day on the water. 12 of us were on a ship that carried 70 and the other party of 58 cancelled. We pulled out of the dock in Jersey City and sailed around the tip of Manhattan, past the Statue of Liberty and up the East River.  

6-24-14  Robert Coyle  




David and I bought this house at 126 N. Main Street which was next to our main plant a few months ago. The interior was gone as it has not had a roof for the last decade or so. It took us weeks to clean it out. It took less than 2 hours to come down.


3-31-14 4-7-14 4-15-14
By  Lasse Oestmann c/o Joerg Baumoeller   Avi & Molly

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Recently I had the good fortune of importing many very interesting crystalline glazed pieces from Beijing, China.

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