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Zinc Silicate Crystalline Glaze Pottery

A chronicle of my recent progress and a way for me to keep it straight in my head!

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7-4-11 I finally got the time to clean up some old stuff, finish some old projects and spend some time at the computer. There have been so many things going on in my life lately I haven't been able to act on crystalline glaze things. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of it.

I noticed this seeding recipe on the bulletin board but am not sure who supplied it. Things at work have been absolutely crazy. We are operating at ~2X the pace (and size) of ~1 1/2 years ago during the Electric Reduction Symposium and are making all kinds of custom, tweaky high temperature ceramic insulators and heating systems . I've been having some dialogue with Mike Oliver regarding glaze thickness.
6-25-11 6-24-11
Warwick Valley High School.....NYS Regents Diploma....magna cum to UVM. It's hard to believe that Phil graduated from college and Kat from high school. Patti got a great shot of Kat tossing her cap. Workbench Cabinetry (this project started ~2 years ago)
6-20-11 6-20-11 6-19-11
Additions to the Throne Room Kat won the Fall Cheerleading Spirit Award We got to see the Wizard and Jill in Rheinbeck
6-18-11 6-6-11 6-3-11
Looking for insects? Phil & The Boys Striper Fishing Patti's bug bites the dust. Senior Prom photos on the lawn.
5-28-11 5-27-11 5-14-11  
The lawn seems to look the best around Memorial Day and Labor Day This snapping turtle came to visit. Castleton State College, Castleton, Vermont......BS, Business Administration - to work!!!! Only 20 years ago he and I were on a hotel balcony in Honolulu, HI


May 1, 201, I got it back in the studio and started comparing this Phil Morgan - Electric Reduction Symposium thrown piece to the photo I took in Dunedin with Mike Oliver in the background. 4-8-11
Posing before the Junior Prom
They dressed me up for Birthday Bash #55


April 1, 2011

April 27, 2011 May 2, 2011  
Notes on Collecting Work From "Frozen in Fire: Crystalline Waves"
Bill Campbell - Master Potter, Bassmaster & Birdman of Okeechobee. Kirk Morgan has figured it out.    


Workshop with Jamie Kozlowski, Wizard of Clay Kiln Opening More From Dunedin NCECA, Tampa Florida
Sunday, 3-27-11 Tuesday, 3-29-11 Wednesday, 3-30-11 Thursday, 3-31-11
Does Jamie call this "Sparkly Blue Prom Dress"?
Glenn, (Avi), This is the copy I got from you in Tampa. The slide show starts to choke on my home machine in Ginny's slides and totally dies at Marsha's first slide. I can see the individual slides. I'll check it from work. What do you see? Phil
Work in the Frozen in Fire show Cheryl Anne's
montage of the Crystalline Glaze Party at Glenn & Keith's home.
crystal/2011/dunedin/MOV07526.MPG NCECA 2011 Discussion Panel.ppt      52 MB
Rod & Denyse gave me this card showing them with one of their latest creations. I had a great time with them (and Avi and SarahLyn) and probably had something to do with their trying gator bites for the first time. A little clearer photo above.
An even bigger one here.


March xx, 2011 

Handbook of Deposition Technologies for Films and Coatings


Kat's Website
New Mineral - Wassonite

I would have really liked to go to this one.

March 24, 2011  Two days until leaving for Dunedin

Kirk Morgan's son David singing opera.
He wrote "Here is a Bach Cantata with David as Solo".

March 22, 2011  Frozen in Fire: Crystalline Waves features an international juried exhibition of contemporary ceramic works specializing in crystalline glaze techniques. Crystalline artists Ginny Conrow, Diane Creber and John Tilton made up the distinguished jury panel that selected the 68 works on display.

 Frozen in Fire: Crystalline Waves.........................................................68 Works on Display!!

March 21, 2011 AGENDA....Crystalline Glaze Workshop, Instructed by Jamie Kozlowski, Wizard of Clay Pottery

March 20, 2011 One more time........The internet is amazing! I (virtually) met Jose Mariscal from Spain today. He sent the photos below. After I wrote "That is one beautiful piece! Thank you for sending me photos. Do you mind if I put them up on my website?........ Do we know each other - or just virtually?" he replied "Thanks for your coments.....Our web site  ...... You can put all in your website. Is the first time we contact with you buy since decembre we usually visit your blog. Sorry for my english. Yours sincerelly, Jose Mariscal"

Jose reminds me of The Wizard (Jamie Kozlowski). His web site states:

"We can say that Jose Maria Mariscal turn learned from his father, has lived since childhood and is his strong, but has investigated on their own to explore the world of glazes, raku and the sigilata.
He has never made any course Potter or ceramic."

His English is much better than my Spanish.......and who needs English when you can make pots like that. It's great to meet you Jose!

Today I realized that Internet Explorer 8 translates entire pages. Now I can read his page. Take a look at the "CV" tab for some interesting info about Jose and the "Gallery" tab for some of his other work. He really has some stunning reds.

Joerg Baumoeller wrote: "Hi, Phil! this is in fact... my good  (young!!) friend José Mariscal, who lives with his wife and 9 years old daughter in Albons, a very tiny village, some 25 miles north east of Gerona/ catalunya....!!! Not only does he have the right feeling for shapes....he is the fastest thrower, I have seen in my life... once he told me, when he was ten years old....... no piece takes longer than 3 minutes!!!! …..and he fills 3 2m³-ovens in two weeks..., just he himself....most of his customers are in the south east of France....hoping, you'll have a lot of fun in Dunedin!!!! best regards   Joerg Baumoeller"

March 19, 2011  I was able to get a little "tweekage" to happen with some of Mike and Arnie's pieces.

March 18, 2011  Dr. Arnie stopped by this week, took me to get the wires out of my head and left these 2 pieces.

  3-17-11 March 15, 2011   

Mike Oliver sent several pieces for me to reduce. It looks like UPS beat me to the punch on all but one and reduced them to rubble.

Wired for an EEG. I'll have this on for a day.

Feri also sent this photo of Peter. It sure looks like Austria to me.

Also...March 14, 2011  Feri sent me these photos and wrote "Hi Phil,  John is really a good guy.  He makes huge crystalline glazed things. I was participent on two exhibitions where he exhibited his things too. ( Holland, Austria )   Feri

March 14, 2011  Bill is a pistol! I'm glad to see him on the Crystalline Glaze Forum. He wrote "I‘ve latch onto the Forum ,it’s great to read fellow potters triumphs and trials. The mail you received from John Stroomer made me realize that I should seek out others here at home as well. He must be a good bloke if he likes fishing …  get well soon ………….Bill"

Will and Bill with a nice catch. I'm sure they would say "Child's Play!"

I was able to induce a little change in these pieces thanks to some of the Pottery Gangsta's strong arm tactics.  

March 13, 2011  I got some great insight from John Stroomer.

My Dad made a fused / slumped glass bowl which I like and use a lot.

This has been a brutal winter with the snow mold and varmints wreaking havoc on the place.

It seems like we're behind this year, but maybe not. I see I took very similar photos 3-15-09.

March 12, 2011  Bill Powell came out the blue (from down under) and wrote: "Hi Phil , my name is Bill Powell I ran across fellow Aussie Crystal Crazed potter, John Stroomer on your site and thought you may like to see my own contribution to the subject . I also work in Slumped Glass and incorporate it into my work. Hope you like it and hope you don’t mind unsolicitated e mails . I have attached a photo or two and a link to my Website."

He really has some fantastic work. It's worth a trip to his website at just to see it all.
I did get a couple new GRADE A+ Beauties from William for the collection. Ah, Kat! Our "Little Girl" is growing up so fast. She's excited about being accepted by UVM. Vermont? How about San Diego? Or Dallas? Or Miami????? Any place warm!

Google Alerts brought me back to Sharon Jackman. It was good to see her again and her website
She's really got some cool new stuff.

William sent me some scraps to torture.

March 11, 2011  Japan......Earthquake.....8.9.....HUGE......Tsunami. We do (ZIRCAR) considerable business in Japan. I wonder how this will change things? Alumina fiber supply crippled several years back due to an earthquake......Again????

March 6, 2011  This weekend I got to make the (virtual) acquaintance of Greg Beckman, John Stroomer (Australia) and Matt Horne (UK). This internet thing continues to amaze me!!!!!

I found John Stroomer on the internet and sought him out. What a great guy! I think this photo of him is from Potfest 2009(?) in the UK. I hope they don't give me grief for reproducing it as I had to "juice" it off the screen. John sent me the other ones. He's really got some great stuff going on. Check out his website.

Greg is making ornaments and had some questions about the supports I was using.

John uses a copper / rutile glaze similar to the one I call NFU which caught my eye.


Matt approached me with e-mail subject "CRYSTALLINE POTTER OTHER SIDE OF THE POND". He's 21 years old and has been a self employed potter for 4 years. He's a go getter for sure. (You do the math.) Check him out at



March 4, 2011  Seizure..........I lost an hour of my life.........~5:15pm - 6:15pm............woke up in the Emergency Room......bit my tongue bad.....banged up my shoulder.......STRESS???.....Keppra.....for the rest of my life????........can't drive for how long?????? MRI and EEG scheduled.

March 3, 2011  Work sure doesn't involve crystalline glazed pottery and has been all consuming lately which has kept me out of the studio.

Heating the coil to unravel it.
Dave has his summer Mohawk haircut going already. What an optimist!

2.2mm dia. APM wire is stiff stuff and needs a little heat to make it easier to shape.

The guys in the metal shop have been working like mad fabricating parts of a large furnace order.

Tooling is everything when it comes to reproducible manufacturing.

It's good to see the shop floor loaded with work.

These small heaters (1 1/4" ID x 3" L) use APM wire and will operate to 1300C and deliver 170w at 30V.

The heaters from this semi-cylindrical mold will also use APM wire, go to 1300C and deliver 15,000w at 380V.

On the home front........this quad rider must have been playing through!

February 28, 2011

§Terry,       I seem to keep coming back to the light bulb shape.

We all got together to celebrate my mom's 80th birthday.

February 22, 2011

It felt good to spend some time at the wheel throwing this President's day.

I couldn't resist the urge to "modify" one of William's pieces.

It's good to see my friend The Moderator back at it and cranking out the good stuff.

February 20, 2011

Catherine Bergmann (DFAC) wrote " The works have begun to arrive and the first one travelled all the way from Israel! Very exciting to say the least....I wanted to share this ad that will be featured in Tampa Bay Magazine and Florida Travel and Lifestyles"

I always thought that when I'm done my ashes should be spread over the yard, but after seeing this piece feel eternity in one of these bad boys by Bill Campbell wouldn't be so bad.

I found Richard Bideau, a potter from the UK, on the web.

This poster (2006?) is one of the few places where I've read about "crystalline glazes" properly referred to as spherulites. It's nice to see it feature a piece by Ginny Conrow.

I found several pages of photos of work by "Bubs 3D" on Most of it looks way over fired to me.

This is the layout of the 2 display spaces for the "Educational Displays" at DFAC. I really need to get cracking on this.

Moly crystals by Bulldog Pottery.

February 5, 2011  Damn its been a long time since I've sunk any energy into crystalline glazes. Its not that I don't think about it all the time, its just that a million other things have been happening all around me. Work is the main thing. We are deep into a job to make the guts of a 30' tall reactor for making 6 - 9's purity silicon metal powder. It's been a back breaking mind twister so far, with more to come. I'm taking a mental health day and am still in my bathrobe at 3:30pm in front of the computer trying to play catch up. It feels good.

I just became acquainted with Joerg Baumoeller who contacted me out of the blue the other day.  He wrote: "Dear Phil!     here comes another crystal-crazy guy.... from far name is Joerg Baumoeller, I am german, 65 years old, more than 30 years with Bayer, in Africa, Brazil, and since1992 in Spain, near Barcelona... I preretired with 55 and started ceramics "from zero"..., some 4 years ago, I came across these crystals... and don't want to nothing about anything else, since then...and when I saw this cat-like manganese macro on page 10 of your website, I thought, you might like my recent macros....and thanks for sharing your pots and experiences with the world...(.potters over  here mostly are rather "closed up"...)      very kind regards!    Joerg"

He sent some great photos of some of his work as well as close ups. His website is worth checking out.

Some of the following has nothing to do with crystalline glazed ceramics but it has been consuming a bunch of my time

Going.....going......but not gone!

The last of the spalted curly maple door parts and paneling is just about finished and ready for installation.

A look out one of our second floor office windows at the recycle area.

Natural snow sculpture is all around this year.

This sculpture at a local steel fabricator caught my eye.

Hans-Joachim Wehnert, from Germany, sent this photo the other day.

Google Alerts pointed me to where I found this piece by Nancy Wickham. The copy read: "Nancy Wickham signed modernist celadon green vase with intentional crackling with clear crystalline glaze measuring 6 inches tall x 1 inch wide top opening. Per the authoratative website vasefinder, Nancy Wickham Boyd studied at Alfred University from 1943-1945. She was later a designer for Design Technics. In 1949, she set up her studio in Woodstock, Vermont. This gorgeous vase is in excellent condition, no chips, cracks or breaks. Signed on bottom WICKHAM and D121."

Nancy Wickham studied at Alfred over a decade before I was born.

Going Ghetto: Firing Cone 10 Reduction in an Electric/Gas Hybrid Kiln


1-30-11     Emilio Alaminos wrote: "Hi Phil, I'm really looking forward to your glazes, I'm doing now and I caught your formulas to make them, and I if you will kindly explain how to make the curve to grow crystals, do not really understand yours, I work in hours and degrees Celsius.
Last week I tested with your formulas and are very nice but the crystals have not grown as yours, I did so, 1185 º in 6 hours, 0 soak, in 1 hour 1285 , 5 minute soak ,in 1 hour under a 1100º, 2 hours of soaking, in 1 hour 1050 º, 1 hour soak, in 30 minutes down to 1010 ° 1 hour soaking,  off the klin . I enclose a picture, the result I like, but I want them as yours,
Then if possible on your part and you do not like me is a nuisance do me a ramp for growth of crystals and how to make a ring.
     Sorry my English is very basic and need extra help with translation, I'm from Granada, Spain. A greeting and a big hug

I replied:  "Emilio,    First let me say that I am glad that you found my website and feel like you can seek help from me. In many cases I consider myself an amateur and am flattered to hear from you.     

I created a plot of the firing information you gave me.  Did I understand what you wrote and is the graph accurate?   

I have had many instances where I have shared recipes and firing schedules with people and the results have been entirely different. Everyone's clay and glaze ingredients are different and things need to be adjusted to suit the individual.

Anyway, your photos appear to show pieces which have had too much glaze applied and / or been fired too high. You may be able to salvage them by firing them again with a minimal amount of fresh glaze. That is assuming your clay can take a re-fire without bubbling. Some can….some can't.

Did you use witness cones in the firing? What were they and what did they say? The top ramp rate, temperature and soak in my kilns (with type S thermocouples) would give a lower cone than what I usually fire to (^11). I wonder if maybe your kiln uses a type K thermocouple which may have aged. This is where the witness cones help.

In the past I published some firing schedules with photos of the results. See This may be helpful to you to see the effect of temperature change and hold times on ring growth.  Recently Matt Beck sent me a chart he compiled showing similar information.

I hope this information is helpful and feel free to ask me more questions if you like.   Phil"

Jamie, Lois and Jim in an article titled "The Wizard of Clay: Destination by accident, not design" in the Messenger Post

Matt Beck sent me a great chart showing an array of crystalline samples.

He wrote "Hey Phil,      Here is a chart I put together using the base recipe you have on your site.  Probably nothing you haven't seen before, but thought I would share.      Matt
I spoke with Matt for the first time on the phone the other day. I think we can produce a version of this chart for the educational display at the Frozen in Fire exhibition in Dunedin.

Lately I've seen Terry Fallon hitting the gas with his car doing "ninetynothin" while in overdrive. He's got so many things going I haven't been able to keep it I came up with a series of web pages.

January 20, 2011   Frozen in Fire Travel & Event Schedule

January 15, 2011    January 25, 2011    January 26, 2011  January 22, 2011   

The Natzler Miniature: A Small Masterpiece

Approximately 1.25″h Estimate $1,500 – 2,000?

Wikipedia: Otto and Gertrud Natzler

William's been working up a poster announcing the Forum which I hope can get worked into the educational display at "Frozen in Fire" as "talking about it" is the most helpful.

I haven't been on the Forum much lately but saw an opportunity to sweep the board.

Phil's roommate backed into his pickup truck and helped customize it.

January 14, 2011    Substances Used in the Making of Coloured Glass by David M Issitt ~ Leading Expert on English Coloured Glass   
January 10, 2011   Frozen in Fire Educational Displays and Applications

A group of pieces glazed with the same Fusion 413 base glaze with red copper oxide, cobalt carbonate and manganese dioxide in the ratio of 3:1:1. The initial ^11 oxidation firing was the same for all pieces. These pieces illustrate the effects of colorant concentration, glaze blending and subsequent reduction / re-oxidation firings on the size and color of the  growth of rings, background and color.

2 pieces glazed with a Ferro 3110 base glaze with  small amounts of red copper oxide and rutile on top under a coating of the same base glaze with rutile. These were made using the same clay, same glaze and saw the same ^11 oxidation firing. Both came out of the initial oxidation firing like the one on left with the red copper oxide responsible for the green color and iron in the rutile responsible for the golden color in the crystals. The piece of the right was subsequently refired to ~1500F (strike fired) in air and the copper turned to a red color.

3 pieces glazed with Ferro 3110 base glaze with small amounts of red copper oxide and rutile. These were made using the same clay, same glaze and saw the same ^11 oxidation firing. These pieces illustrate the rapid growth of rings in "high" copper containing glazes and their sensitivity to glaze application thickness. This is a unique glaze in that the thinner it is applied, the greater the growth rate of the rings.

4 pieces glazed with Fusion 413 base glaze with red copper oxide, cobalt carbonate and manganese dioxide in the ratio of 3:1:1. The concentrations of the colorants range from a low of 1.5 : .5: .5 on the left to a high of 6 : 2 : 2 on the right.

These were made using the same clay, same glaze and saw the same ^11 oxidation firing. These pieces illustrate the effect of colorant concentration on the size and color of the  growth of rings as well as the background.

Dimensions: 5" dia. x 7 1/2" tall.

 Oxidation Fired, ^11, Helios clay, Glaze Fusion 413 Frit wit red copper oxide, cobalt carbonate and manganese dioxide colorants.

 Link to 300 dpi Photo  

Dimensions: 6 1/2" dia. x 7" tall.

 Oxidation Fired, ^11, "Phil Morgan" clay, Glaze Fusion 413 Frit wit red copper oxide and cobalt carbonate colorants.

Link to 300 dpi Photo  

Dimensions: 7" dia. x 11" tall.

 Oxidation Fired, ^11, unknown clay, Glaze Fusion 413 Frit with red copper oxide, cobalt carbonate and manganese dioxide colorants.

Link to 300 dpi Photo


e-mail to Glenn and Avi regarding educational displays 

Dimensions: 6" dia. x 13 1/2" tall.

 Oxidation Fired, ^11, Helios clay, Glaze Fusion 413 Frit with red copper oxide and cobalt carbonate colorants.

Link to 300 dpi Photo  

Dimensions: 6" dia. x 7 1/2" tall.

 Oxidation / Reduction / Oxidation Fired, ^11, Helios clay, Glaze Fusion 413 Frit with red copper oxide and cobalt carbonate colorants.

Link to 300 dpi Photo  

Dimensions: 6 1/2" dia. x 8 1/2" tall.

 Oxidation / Reduction Fired, ^11, Helios clay, Glaze Fusion 413 Frit with red copper oxide, cobalt carbonate and manganese dioxide colorants.

Link to 300 dpi Photo  

January 8, 2011   


Damn.......-16C (4F)......Take me to Dunedin, PLEASE!

Out with the old and in with the


January 2, 2011   


Back in for re-oxidation.

Narooma area pottery on its way to Middle East towers

December 27, 2010   

December 26, 2010   

In the Fallonator at 560°C after a reduction cycle.



December 25, 2010   A freshly repaired kiln ready to rip on Christmas day.

December 26, 2010   

First snow of the year. My golf practice mat was frozen to the driveway. It took a plastic "greenhouse", a 1500 watt heater and ~5 hours to thaw it out to get it up.

December 24, 2010   Halmos Ferenc wrote "This is a group of children who are visiting the families on the first day of Christmas. They are singing about the birth of Jesus. This is a old folk habit renewed in our small village about 20 years ago". ....AND.....A new piece by Priscilla Palumbo.

December 22, 2010  I believe I will never re-fire a piece mounted on a riser sitting in a catch tray without making sure the air trapped in the cabvity is vented. It looks to me like the bottom exploded (popped) off the tray on the way up. The piece fell over and took out it's neighbor before its glaze ran into the catcher.....and......IT"S GOOD TO SEE WILLIAM BACK INTO IT AGAIN!

December 21, 2010  

  I wrote to George Garcia: George,
Re-fires suck, especially when the camera catches you wearing a new shirt you forgot to take the tag off of.
    ugly step sister  

Glenn sent me a photo of the twin he fired and wrote......Phil, They sure do look nice all dressed up. I'd love to see them in person. I was surprised at how large their crystals were even with the backing off in growth time. What do you think? They look silky smooth and I like how thier necklaces seem to be a little more subtle.

As I promised, I am attaching a photo of the ugly step sister who developed a crack on the inside bottom, which never opened up to go all the way through the bottom. I have not tested her to see if she can hold her water - she might spring a leak.


 December 20, 2010  I added the same F413 + 6cu, 2co and 2mn glaze to Glenn's girls but changed the firing. I cut the high temperature "hold" segment in half and the 920 & 960°C holds back from 90 minutes to 30 trying to get more background.   From the quick peek it looks like it worked.

A 550°C Peek

I went over the UO2 glaze with the same gloss white just without Zircopax hoping it will go clear.

I mixed the gloss white liner  + 10% UO2 with some VeeGum Cer in the blender to make a paste and applied it to the butt cracks of this piece with a syringe and to the lip with a brush.

She came out a little dark for my liking with not much background. I never expected the ring from the 920°C hold to grow so fast - much less dense but approximately 6X faster than those from the high temperature "hold" segments. I think I'll re-glaze / re-fire it.

And dropped her bottom again from the torch. I never liked these catch "trays" for this. Thrown donut shaped glaze catchers remove more easily. I'll use the diamond cutoff wheel on these in the future.

Gloss white liner  + 10% UO2 sponged in splits of this piece Glenn made with red iron oxide stain before dried sodium silicate expansion.

December 18, 2010      

Glenn wrote: Glenn here - I am so excited to see that you have one of the girls all dressed up - waiting to see how her dress turns out. In one of the photos, the two other girls were watching you dress the first one - she really threw a fit, splashing you with the contents of her insides even before the prom celebration began, she must be very nervous.

Right: 535°C Peek

Well........yesterday I started glazing Glenn's girls and right after I loaded liner glaze in the first one she dropped her bottom. What a mess......what a bitch! Glossy white line glaze splattered all over everything. It took the better part of an hour to clean everything up.. Needless to say my feelings about this prom date changed a little. I finished the liner glazing then glued her bottom back on. After packing her cracks with white glaze (going for some drips) I added about 20 zincite seeds and gave her a dark dress. She pissed me off so much (and I've never fired Loafer's glory before). I was going to send her to the prom in the Doll 2 but thought what if she blows chunks, passes out and craps up the walls of the kiln. I know it's a waste but put her in the e23s solo thinking if she falls over maybe there's enough room that she won't take out a wall and a bunch of elements. We'll see tonight.

December 17, 2010      

Last night I was able to spend a little time getting Glenn's girls ready for the prom. We've been so busy at work (THANK GOD!) there hasn't been much gas left in me at the end of each day. I did get their high heels (risers) on and will dress (glaze) and send the first one to the prom (fire) tonight. Keep your fingers crossed. I've never dated (made anything using) Loafers Glory before and have the pre-prom jitters something wicked.

Another by Paul Brown


I was really reluctant to go to a new page. The previous one was the longest one I've made and was taking too long to navigate around.


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Recently I had the good fortune of importing many very interesting crystalline glazed pieces from Beijing, China.

The source of all my good fortune---my day (and night, 24 - 7) job. ZIRCAR Ceramics, Inc.
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