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Zinc Silicate Crystalline Glaze Pottery

A chronicle of my recent progress and a way for me to keep it straight in my head!

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Info I've been asked to keep in confidence.


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Electric Reduction Symposium
Molybdenum Crystalline Glaze

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12-24-13    Christmas Eve at Crystal's

Kat & Phil 20 to 57 Phil, Patti & Crystal My man Eugene


12-21-13 12-22-13 12-26-13
Iron and nickel oxides Copper oxide Ramsey, Kat & Patti Kat & Ramsey


12-12-13 12-13-13 12-16-13

Merry Christmas from Hans-Joachim Wehnert including a wonderful nativity scene and the master himself with, as he wrote, "my biggest pot and crystalline glaze"

Say what? article about Cristalls in the magazine Terrart.


 11-26-13 11-28-13 11-29-13 12-5-13
John Tilton's 31st Annual Holiday Show & Sale Dec. 7 & 8 Patti's latest creation. Burning out a couple of custom heaters to 600°C EXPOSICIĶ Cerāmica La māgia dels esmalts cristal.lins Jörg Baumöller


 11-21-13 11-24-13 11-26-13


11-10-13    11-12-13  11-17-13
There is such a range of looks to be had. I'm hoping the motion activated zombie baby will help keep the foxes from digging in the bunkers.  
She had hardly been here for an hour and took to the place like a duck to water. Wiped out the next day. A method of packing fragile pieces for shipment through the post office. Common Crystalline Glaze Frits


Patti came back from a week in the Bahamas and David Snair's piece showed up. Jose' Mariscal's new Galaxy Glaze is a mind blower.

11-6-13    This next series is about a 4 month accumulation of stuff.

Joerg wrote: "Hi Phil! Yesterday I mounted the expo in Barcelona... nice place, good lights, I'll send some more photos next week! hasta la vista!

Gene Gandee wrote: "I just got on your web page and am amazed at some of the colors and effects people are getting. I have been doing crystalline glaze for about 25 years and have included a few pictures of my work."

 This "new" piece by David Snair through eBay brings my collection to three. Avi has a real nice David Snair piece too.

I finally finished the custom stainless steel sink I’ve been working on for so long. It should be installed this week. What a relief. I only started to entire project (table, cabinets & sink) about 5 years ago.

I tried to come up with a scary Halloween costume.
      Fire on Mt. Eve, You can see a helicopter dropping water in the upper left hand corner.
    Nice face!  
Another beauty by Glenn Woods.      
  Turkey seem to like it right outside the back deck.    

7-21-13     I finally got to spend an afternoon playing with ceramics. Unfortunately we have been experiencing a heat wave, which just broke, but the air conditioner in the studio has been broken. So I went to the shop and worked on some more of those "longer term" projects.

I machined some alumina fiber insulation for Feri to use as the guts of a Fallonator. This material (ZAL-15) is ~93% porous with ~25 micron pores. I never noticed how translucent it is when machined to 1/4" thickness. It seems to function as a diffuser and catalyst all in one. Propane goes in ...... carbon monoxide (with no free carbon) comes out.
The first layer of insulation is machined and in place in the gradient kiln . I finished up these bubble alumina cylinder and put them in a 6 hour - 1300C firing. 1700C furnace lining


Patti and I had dinner with Terry and Cindy Fallon on the waterfront in Newburg NY. My good buddy Bill has been taking care of me with test pieces. I hope to do him proud! I'm finally getting back to finish that project I started before Obama's first term. Bella was waiting for me the other night after work. She just couldn't decide which ball to bring.


6-9-13 6-13-13    
The Wizard stepping through reduction. Robert Weiss finally showed up on the Forum    



Crystals Glaze Contest within “Cristalls2013” - Winners Circle      

First Place Second Place Third Place
"....... the excellent combination of the quality of the art work, the quality of crystals and harmony between crystals and shape." "....... the excellent quality and sensitivity of his pieces, combined with the technical mastery of crystals making." "........ the technical mastery of crystals making."
JÖRG BAUMÖLLER Jamie Kozlowski Phil Hamling
Jörg will forever be known as "NUMERO UNO"! (I wish my photos came out better) I can't believe I even placed!

 I'm still amazed I won third place in the competition. The work that was there was tremendous. What an unbelievable honor!




Participant Summary
USA 17
Spain 14
Canada 5
Germany 3
Israel 3
Chile 2
Portugal 2
Australia 1
England 1
France 1
Hungary 1
Taiwan 1
Russia 1


205 photos from the trip Patti and I took to Spain while traveling through Barcelona and while in La Bisbal, Spain.



5-4-13   FrontPage has crapped out. I can't edit on the server now. Got to learn new stuff.

I'm trying to get my photos from Spain here.

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Recently I had the good fortune of importing many very interesting crystalline glazed pieces from Beijing, China.

The source of all my good fortune---my day (and night, 24 - 7) job. ZIRCAR Ceramics, Inc.
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