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August '09

I don't post very often on the forum but I am there everyday. Really enjoy it. It was your website that got me inspired to try crystal glazing. Am now on my second year with well over 200 crystal firings and working through the many challenges that come with the territory.
All the best with your reduction workshop, wish it wasn't so far away.



August '08

Fall '07





Copper Sand 08-06

8 parts Gerstley Borate

2 parts bone ash

Ĺ part copper carbonate

ľ part cobalt oxide

 White Crackle Recipe

80% Gerstley  Borate

20% nephaline syenite

.5 % zircopax

 Piepenburg Red Bronze

50% Gerstley Borate

45% frit 3134

3% tin oxide

2% black copper oxide


Copper red Raku cone 06 with heavy reduction for best results.

Light reduction for turquoise crackle.


80%  Gertsley Borate

20% Cornwall stone

.2 - .5 % copper carbonate

Piepenburg Patina  

4 parts Gerstley Borate

3 parts Bone ash

2 parts nepheline syenite

1 part copper carbonate


I'm looking forward to the pictures.On the raku glaze I'd be interested. They are doing raku at the studio where I take a class now. It would be great to try. Got any old pictures of your raku?




We just installed new heavy duty 13 gauge elements in our new LL.  Had trouble with thermocouples,  but now up and running again.  We just finished our last crystal glaze firing for a Christmas show.  We are in the process of getting a new camera and will send pictures then.  I have what I consider to be some of the finest Raku glaze recipes if you know anyone that can use them Iíll be happy to share. 

All the best Braden


I'm glad you've had success with my glaze.  The pieces in my 40th firing is just my base glaze with no titanium or rutile.
Do you have any pictures of your work you can share?


From: mgabriel [mailto:mgabriel@shaw.ca]
Sent: Saturday, November 17, 2007 5:03 PM
To: 'Phil Hamling'
Subject: hello from B.C.

Hi Phil,

I have been using your base glaze with titanium which produces beautiful crystals.  I have been looking for a clear base glaze without titanium or rutile that produces beautiful crystals without much success.  The results of your 40th firing of the two plates look wonderful!  Would you be willing to share the recipe? 

 All the best Braden (Pender Island, Canada)

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Phil Hamling