Verticutting is the act of mechanically slitting the surface of the turf. It removes thatch, provides an opening for seed to lay in for enhanced germination and  improves air flow for improved drying of wet soils. For best results it is typically done in the Fall. Verticutting in the hottest, driest times of the year (July and August) should be avoided as it can cause turf damage. One device commonly used is the "Mataway".

The RYAN® Mataway® Overseeder/Dethatcher is the machine of choice. Per Ryan Textron this "High-productivity turf machine dethatches and overseeds in one pass". Features include:

  • Heavy-duty snap out reels allow easy selection of blades and spacing
  • Adjustable overseeder for proper turf seed flow
  • Clear seed tubes allows operator to check seed flow
  • Seed flow automatically stops when reel is raised